Pink Pussycat: College of Strip Tease

Cover of the 1962 brochure advertising the School of Strip Tease at the famous Pink Pussycat club.

This is a 1962 brochure for the College of Strip Tease that was held at the Pink Pussycat club, which was located at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood.   The club was owned by Harry and Alice Schiller.  At night the club was a lavish night spot, but during the day it transformed into the… Continue reading Pink Pussycat: College of Strip Tease

USO Camp Shows

Unknown dancer performing in a USO sponsored show for the troops.

Many dancers, and other performers, at some point in their career toured withe the USO – United Service Organizations.  The USO is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1941 to provided services,  including live entertainment, to the troops and their families.   Originally founded to assist and entertain troops during WWII, the organization was… Continue reading USO Camp Shows

Chez Paree nightclub in Chicago, Il

Vintage postcard showing the dining area and stage of the original Chez Paree.

The original Chez Paree club in Chicago, Illinois was located at located at 610 Fairbanks Court.  The setting was a large dinner theater venue and featured large floor shows that featured some of the biggest names in entertainment in the day.  The club was opened in 1932 by partners Mike Fritzel and Joe Jacobson, but due to… Continue reading Chez Paree nightclub in Chicago, Il

Showgirls at Morrison Hotel’s Terrace Garden

The Terrace Garden at the Morrison Hotel: 1944 vintage postcard.

Eleanor and Babe were appearing in a ‘hoop ballet’ at Chicago’s Morrison Hotel’s Terrace Garden. The Terrace Garden was known as the “wonder restaurant”, because it was a HUGE dinner club with a central stage that could host extremely large floor shows.  The venue was very popular in the 1940s and hosted large theater-style revue… Continue reading Showgirls at Morrison Hotel’s Terrace Garden