Shake Dancers Vs. Burlesque Dancers

La Bommie, or GLoria Howard as scanned from the October 29, 1953 issue of Jet magazine.

Some people take offense when the term ‘shake dancer’ is associated with African American dancers in 1920-50s burlesque-type entertainment.  And I can see why,  as many view the term as a separate title created and used only for ‘Sepia Queens’ — as the ladies were frequently called.   While there is little doubt discrimination was… Continue reading Shake Dancers Vs. Burlesque Dancers

Pink Pussycat: College of Strip Tease

Cover of the 1962 brochure advertising the School of Strip Tease at the famous Pink Pussycat club.

This is a 1962 brochure for the College of Strip Tease that was held at the Pink Pussycat club, which was located at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood.   The club was owned by Harry and Alice Schiller.  At night the club was a lavish night spot, but during the day it transformed into the… Continue reading Pink Pussycat: College of Strip Tease

USO Camp Shows

Unknown dancer performing in a USO sponsored show for the troops.

Many dancers, and other performers, at some point in their career toured withe the USO – United Service Organizations.  The USO is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1941 to provided services,  including live entertainment, to the troops and their families.   Originally founded to assist and entertain troops during WWII, the organization was… Continue reading USO Camp Shows

Censored: Blocked Photos

Despite  truly offensive pages dedicated to ‘slut shaming’, racism, violence and many other topics, here is your chance to see the photos that were deemed too racy for your Burlesque viewing-pleasure!!     Well, there you have it….the four shocking images that have been deemed obscene.  Since the last two images have been posted, the… Continue reading Censored: Blocked Photos